What is Sport-Tuned Suspension?

February 5th, 2018 by

Sport-Tuned Suspension

‘What is sport-tuned suspension?’ It’s a question you might have asked yourself if you’ve been shopping for a new vehicle, and it’s well worth learning the difference between sport-tuned vs. normal suspension.

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First Things First: What is a Suspension System?

Every new vehicle has one, and the term “suspension” refers to many components, most importantly the tires, springs, and shocks. Suspension systems help iron out bumps in the road for a smooth ride. If you hit a bump or pothole, the impact is absorbed through the suspension system.

Sport-Tuned vs. Normal Suspension

Suspension systems can be tuned differently. Whether you’re cruising between Cerritos and Signal Hill or taking a sharp corner in Huntington Beach, you’ll notice a distinct difference between sport-tuned vs. normal suspension. Essentially, sport-tuned suspension is a little firmer, so it doesn’t absorb everything as well as normal suspension. You’ll feel a stronger connection to the road and enjoy:

  • Reduced body roll
  • Sharper handling
  • Sharper handling
  • Lower ride height

Experience the Difference at Timmons Volkswagen of Long Beach!

Still unsure whether sport-tuned vs. normal suspension is right for you? Fortunately, vehicles like the VW Jetta offer both options . If you’d like to come take a test drive, find out more about VW terms, or explore maintenance cycles designed to keep your suspension in prime condition. Contact us at Timmons Volkswagen of Long Beach!

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