What is Cruise Control?


If you’ve never actually used it before, you may be wondering, “What is cruise control?” This in-demand feature comes standard across the new Volkswagen lineup to add a little extra comfort (and fuel-efficiency!) to your drive. In the right conditions, it manages your speed on your behalf, letting you focus on the road ahead instead of glancing down at your instrument cluster.

Consider cruise control an indispensable tool for long trips down California’s coastal highways to Huntington Beach or during trips along the 605 and 405 between Cerritos or Signal Hill. Read on for a quick step-by-step guide to using Volkswagen cruise control!

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How Does Cruise Control Work?

Turning on cruise control in your Volkswagen is easier than you might think! In fact, you can keep the system on stand-by for as long as you’d like, which comes in handy during road-trips.

Here’s how you use cruise control:

  • Prep the cruise control system by pressing the on/off button – it resembles a mini speedometer icon.
  • Set your preferred speed by pressing the “SET” button.
  • Make sure you’re in a safe environment, such as open highway, then initialize.
  • Press the “+” or “-” button to increase or decrease speed by 1 mile per hour.
  • Apply the brakes or push the “CNL” button to “cancel.”
  • Hit the “RES,” or “resume,” button to reactivate the system.

Using cruise control is simple – just be sure to avoid activating it in heavy traffic or harsh weather.

Why Use Cruise Control?

For one thing, you can enjoy the freedom of highway travel without constantly double-checking the speedometer. When traveling down California’s many open highways, it’s easy to get lost in the scenery and forget about speed limits. Cruise control helps you adhere to a set cruising speed for as long as the system is active. It even keeps engine RPMs stable and consistent for improved fuel economy!

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)

Some Volkswagen vehicles go one step further with Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC). This driver assistance technology automatically adjusts your cruising speed up and down to maintain a safe distance from the vehicle ahead of you.

Test Out VW Cruise Control and Adaptive Cruise Control at Timmons Volkswagen of Long Beach

To see how cruise control operates in a new Volkswagenschedule a test drive at Timmons Volkswagen of Long Beach! Or, if you’re experiencing an issue with your current VW model’s cruise control, feel free to contact our service department. We’re available Monday through Saturday to address all your VW and auto repair needs!