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Since its debut, Volkswagen Car-Net has allowed VW owners to get connected to their beloved vehicles. For the 2020 model year, Car-Net moves into the next generation of connectivity, with an updated mobile app, a long list of no-charge services for five years, and new subscription options.

Car-Net Services will be feature four areas: Remote Access, Hotspot, Safe & Secure, and Guide & Inform.

Remote Access

Updated VW Car Net mobile app has more cool features. Available at Timmons Volkswagen Long BeachCar-Net Remote Access gives you the ability to interact with their VW from miles away. It is offered at no additional charge for 5 years from the date of vehicle purchase. Remote Access features include remote start and stop, remote door lock and unlock, last parked location, remote honk and flash of lights, and remote vehicle status display, letting you know information on mileage, fuel level, and door and window status.

Volkswagen owners with factory-installed navigation can send destinations or points of interest directly to their car from the Car-Net app. Soon, owners will also be able to connect their VW Car-Net account to compatible smart home devices to send voice commands to their vehicle to check the fuel level or remote start the engine right from their living room.

The Parking Information feature, powered by Parkopedia, can help make your life easier by finding off-street parking information. Through the Navigate tab on the app, you can click the “P” icon to show available parking locations, either in the immediate vicinity or near a Point of Interest. Clicking on a  location will display the hours of operation, address, and pricing. You can also send the parking location to your car’s navigation system, by clicking the “Send to My VW” button.

Vehicle Health Reports can provide owners easy access to their vehicle’s diagnostic information. Reports generate automatically each month after enrollment, and are sent directly to the email address in the owner’s profile; owners can also request updated reports anytime through the mobile app. When it’s time for scheduled service, Car-Net can not only notify the customer, but also provides a simple way to schedule an appointment.

Family Guardian services and Roadside Call Assist can provide an added peace-of-mind no matter who is driving. Speed alert notifies you when a pre-determined maximum speed limit is exceeded; Boundary alert lets you know when the VW has traveled outside of a pre-set virtual boundary; Curfew alert notifies you if your vehicle is driven while curfew alert is on; Valet alert alerts you if the vehicle is driven more than 0.2 miles from the valet drop-off location. If the vehicle is disabled, Roadside Call Assist is available at the touch of a button.

The DriveView™ program is new for 2020 Volkswagen models and by enrolling in this program, Car-Net users may be eligible for discounted rates from some of the top automotive insurance companies around the country.


Updated VW Car Net mobile app has more cool connectivity features. Available at Timmons Volkswagen Long BeachCar-Net Hotspot allows your passengers to access the internet from up to four connected devices simultaneously, including smartphones, laptops, gaming devices, and more—all at 4G LTE-enabled speed.





Safe & Secure

Updated VW Car Net mobile app has more cool remote access features. Available at Timmons Volkswagen Long BeachCar-Net Safe & Secure is a paid subscription service that includes Emergency Assistance, Information Assistance, Anti-Theft Alert, Automatic Crash Notification, and Stolen Vehicle Location Assistance.

Information Assistance—accessed through the i-call button within your vehicle—allows you to speak to a Car-Net agent for support needs, such as points of interest and account services. Emergency Assistance can be accessed through the SOS button, and, if a cellular connection can be established, puts the driver in contact with the Car-Net service center, who can direct emergency responders to the vehicle’s location and also notify your Emergency Contact. Provided a cellular connection can be established, Automatic Crash Notification can help automatically notify an operator who can quickly contact first responders in the event of a vehicle collision. Anti-Theft Alert sends a push notification to you if the vehicle’s alarm is triggered, and Stolen Vehicle Location Assistance uses Car-Net to aid law enforcement with locating the vehicle in the event that it is stolen.

Guide & Inform

Updated VW Car Net mobile app has more cool remote access features. Available at Timmons Volkswagen Long BeachCar-Net Guide & Inform offers an enhanced navigation and infotainment experience for VW owners with a factory-installed navigation system. You can easily access fuel prices, traffic reports, movie times, sports scores, and weather data as part of the three-month SiriusXM Travel Link trial.







Visit Timmons of Long Beach to learn more about Car-Net and its features.




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Car-Net Remote Access is available on most MY20 and newer vehicles, and are offered at no additional charge for 5 years from vehicle in-service date. Always pay careful attention to the road and do not drive while distracted. Certain services require trial or paid subscriptions, which may have their own terms and conditions. VW Car-Net requires vehicle cellular connectivity and availability of vehicle GPS signal, and not all services and features are available on all vehicles. Standard text and data rates may apply for app and web features. Certain services may collect location and vehicle information. See Terms of Service, Privacy Statement, and other important information at
Using remote start requires compatible factory-installed or dealer-installed remote start feature and VW Car-Net mobile app. See Owner’s Manual for further details and important warnings about the keyless ignition feature. Do not leave vehicle unattended with the engine running, particularly in enclosed spaces, and consult local laws for any limitations on use.

See Opening and Closing section of your Owner’s Manual for additional warnings and information related to locking and unlocking your vehicle remotely.

Do not use Last Parked Location feature to locate stolen vehicles.

Smartwatch app features are limited. Always pay careful attention to the road, and do not drive while distracted.

Sending destinations to your vehicle requires compatible factory-installed navigation system.

Roadside Call Assist connects you to a Roadside Call Assist third-party provider and may require additional payment for use.

Parking Information requires parking facility participation. Volkswagen not responsible for accuracy of pricing & payment options, hours of operation, and features. See for important information and details.

Not all systems and components are reported by Vehicle Health Reports. Refer to your vehicle’s warning and indicator lights for the most current diagnostic information. Always consult owner’s literature for maintenance guidelines. Standard text and data rates may apply.

Discounted insurance rates may not be available in all states. Discounts are provided by third-party auto insurance companies and are not guaranteed. Use of your vehicle by multiple drivers may impact your driving score and your ability to obtain discounted insurance. Always obey all speed and traffic laws.

Car-Net Safe & Secure requires a paid subscription. Subscription automatically renews and is charged annually at end of subscription term unless canceled. Price subject to change and excludes taxes and other fees.

Information Assistance (i-call button) requires a paid subscription.

Emergency Assistance and Automatic Crash Notification require a paid Safe & Secure subscription and may require additional payment for emergency and other third-party services rendered.

Anti-Theft Alert requires VW Car-Net mobile app.

Stolen Vehicle Location Assistance is for use by law enforcement authorities only. See Terms of Service for details.

The Car-Net Hotspot feature is intended for passenger use only. 4G LTE coverage is not available in all areas. See materials provided for terms, privacy, data security details. Requires trial or paid Wi-Fi plan from third-party wireless provider.

SiriusXM audio and data services each require a subscription sold separately, or as a package, by Sirius XM Radio Inc. If you decide to continue service after your trial, the subscription plan you choose will automatically renew thereafter and you will be charged according to your chosen payment method at then-current rates. Fees and taxes apply. Please see the SiriusXM Customer Agreement at for complete terms and how to cancel, which includes calling SiriusXM at 1-888-539-7474. All fees, content and features are subject to change