Knowing Your VW – Voice Recognition: Help!

March 22nd, 2020 by

Voice-recognition technology adds convenience, safety and access to more functions when driving. At Timmons Long Beach, we understand that with numerous available commands, you could sometimes use a little “help” to access the functionality that you need.

With the Volkswagen infotainment system, it’s easy! Just press the talk button on your steering wheel and say “help.” The infotainment screen will provide available topic options.

As an example, if you have your phone in your car and want to see if you’ve missed any calls, say “telephone” followed by “missed calls.” The system will let you know any missed calls so you can follow up with them.

Help provides the voice recognition commands that you need to get the information that you need while driving.

View our inventory and come in to Timmons VW to see how it works.

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