Digital Cockpit | Knowing Your VW

February 22nd, 2020 by

At Timmons VW of Long Beach, we know that we all live in a digital world and are used to using digital maps and other digital data in managing our day-to-day lives. The Volkswagen Digital Cockpit Display can enhance that!

The available Digital Cockpit Display in your Volkswagen features a large and well-placed tachometer and speedometer. Using the menu button in your steering wheel, you can change the information that is displayed in the center of the digital instrument cluster. Going from audio to vehicle status, driving data, assist systems, and navigation.

While in Navigation mode, the map can be displayed in the instrument cluster by pressing the up or down arrows in your steering wheel to select display map and then selecting OK. Press the View button in your steering wheel to change map size.

You can configure the digital cockpit to suit your preferences. In the infotainment unit, select vehicle and then settings. Scroll down to Instrument cluster using your infotainment system knob and select Active Info Display to personalize the information displayed. When Auto or Classic is selected, the gear selection and vehicle speed are displayed. When view one, two, or three is selected, you can select the information that you want to display on the left and right side of the instrument cluster. Do this by scrolling through the menu items and then selecting and holding the View button in your steering wheel. Different information can be saved for the other view selections.

Digital cockpit allows you to display the information that you select for your drive, making it personalized and thus perfect for you!


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